There is no place to upload my graphic. How do I do that?

With the order of your stand, you have the opportunity of creating your own graphic. Please find all the graphic templates attached here: download design templates.

Most people, however, are not able to create a graphic easily so please feel free to simply send us your logo and maybe some ideas you may have that you would like to see incorporated and we’ll take it from there!

When you do send us your logo, please be sure to send it large enough to print and we will send you a graphic proof for your approval.

How we process your order from start to finish?

Once your order is received our graphic department will send an email to the address provided. Please make sure this is an email address that you frequently review. A graphic template will then be sent to you. You will respond back with your logo or graphic. If you need any help, please communicate with our graphic department for further assistance.

Upon receipt of your graphic our department will create a proof for your review and approval. Please note we will not produce any graphic without your final approval which is why it is important to watch for this email.

Upon your final approval, the graphic will be printed and applied to your stand. It is then shipped with any additional items you may have ordered at that time.

What is the usual time frame for my stand to be shipped?

The average time frame for shipping is 5-7 business days after the graphic proof has been approved for the order.

Are there any fees to cancel items?

All sales are final at this time.

Why does my bank statement say West Coast Exhibit Services?

Antiviral Station is a subsidiary of West Coast Exhibit Services and will be reflected as such on all bank or credit card statements.